After years of working with Ruby On Rails tech stack finaly its time to add a new site where I can write some thoughts about tech stack, code, architecture, hiring and in general about work, processes and business.

In 2016 I started a Ruby On Rails BA site in process of learning new tech stack.
For this period site collected:

So, its not like I didn't wrote anything about those themes before. I did! Here are some thoughts bosnia-aspnet.blogspot.com and also here rubyonrailsafterdotnet.blogspot.com But, I think its time to add another place for this type of thinking. Also, I am owner of really nice domain so blog.rubyonrails.ba would be pretty cool? There are so many blogs on the similar themes but their domains are not so c00l :)

Final goal of this site would be to collect number of content writers who are interested in the same fields. So, we can together add more quality content to the space.

Very soon site will be open for external contributors. Until then, bye!