Sharing 2 free tickets for Ruby Global Summit 2023
Hi there, very soon we are gathering on the latest Ruby Global Summit 2023 and I have 2 free tickets for the event. So, I am sharing them with YOU. Please apply on BLOG RUBYONRAILS.BA. Thank you! Read more
You are all invited to Ruby On Rails Global Summit'23
Next year 2023, we are starting with another gathering, this time Ruby On Rails community (geekle) introducing to you a new set of talks and speakers. In two days, all participants will be able to watch a really great and interesting list of talks. If you're not sure how to start next year, being part of Ruby On Rails Global Summit'23 is a good choice! Read more
Let me tell you a secret, about Interviewing!
It can easily happen that interviewer is a person who has few years of experience and the longest part of his work at company could be doing some stupid peripheral staff on project. But in cases when seniors leave the project, so many times, companies fill that empty space with the next in a row ( person who is there longest on a project). Even if its a bad project, bad code, bad work organization, he is in charge of interviewing you and deciding if you are good enough for the company. Read more
Paid VPN's spamming us all the time? Is this okay?
In the end I got an idea to check my VPN like, what if my ISP provider is doing this? If I use a VPN, maybe the problem will disappear? So, at that moment I saw I am already connected to some VPN, probably at some point in Singapore. Hmm, so let me disconnect and check what’s happening. Suddenly I refresh those view-source pages and style blocks disappear. Bingo! So, it’s about VPN! Read more
100% Free advertising on Ruby On Rails .BA
Anyone needs a free place for advertising in terms of Ruby On Rails tech stack, I am willing to help for free! My site last 6 years collecting descent number of daily page requests. Site is a technology-specific content shortcut hub with 5500 link collection to various blogs from the Ruby On Rails world. In last 6 years site collected more then 7.5 million of page views. Read more
VIRTUAL HYGIENE - the term I made
At that period in my life I had a lot of free time to think about the past - present and future, and about the changes and progress we are living in. The result of non-formal thinking was a proposal to name adequate terms for a better and healthier online/virtual experience and presence. "our virtual existence". After some thought, I came to the term "Virtual Hygiene" which is a coin of two other terms. Read more
I am offering FREE Consultancy, Programming, Lecturing with Ruby On Rails! Why? Because I can!
I have collected some experience and knowledge and at the moment I have some free time. So, my idea is to provide free services for some period to anyone who needs help with the stuff I can help with. Read more
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Sharing 2 free tickets for Ruby Global Summit 2023 >>>
VIRTUAL HYGIENE - the term I made >>>
You are all invited to Ruby On Rails Global Summit'23 >>>
Let me tell you a secret, about Interviewing! >>>
100% Free advertising on Ruby On Rails .BA >>>

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