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Hey all, my name is Nezir, born Bosnian, now expat in Indonesia. I am doing software development for last 18+ years and traveling....

In 2003 finished college of Social Work at FPN - University of Sarajevo and after 3 months work in a field I decided to change my profession.  2 years later I decided to go with software development. At that period in my life I had a lot of free time to think about my future and what could be so exciting and challenging for me and my future life.

My interest in programming started in 2000' I tried so many programming languages by just reading documentation and trying simple 'hello world' sample code in the way that I spent nights and nights not sleeping and downloading some tools over my 4.2kb/s dialup connection. (from 1am- 7am, internet was free, you just needed to pay phone impulse to provider at that time).

I remember I needed like a month to download Delphi 7 which was around 140mb in size. Beside that I did Java Script, Liberty Basic, Q Basic, PHP, Perl, Python, C, C++ and so on...  In the end, I got my first job in 2006 as C# beginner and the rest is history.

Later, managed to do Certification for .NET, Asp.Net 3.5, with the Title 'MCPD for Asp.Net 3,5'. I worked for a few local and a few outsourcing companies in Bosnia. Also, worked for Austrian, Denmark, Canadian and USA companies. Also, registered and runed outsourcing company for few months. At the 2013 decided to work only remotely and had few contracts with C#, Asp.Net, MVC, and in 2015 started with Ruby On Rails.

Beside my regular full time job, all the time I did some part time jobs with Asp and Ruby On Rails. Last 8 years I am doing only Ruby On Rails with vanila JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, Bootstrap.

Previously I worked on various projects for various clients, mostly as Contractor. Some of the projects I've worked on are:
- Tax office Web App,
- Generating business ideas web app
- Electric vheicle charging station administration web app
- Online shop with aggregating prices and comparing different products sources
- Project for Lost & Found for biggest LA Airport as a Client.
- Project for running processes in a big LAW companies
- Project for managing "elderly care home" or a "nursing homes"
- Built freelancers tax calculation and documentation printing free web app
- Samples of social network, and
- Sites for collecting links to articles for and communities
- Built sample like blockchain wallet with ruby on rails and javascript eosiojs
- Built website for world wide Venues VIP
- Worked on projects in Education and learning
- Built few simple ruby gems, also few android apps with 300+ thousand downloads.

Those are some of the projects I have worked on in the last few years. Mostly built with Ruby On Rails tech stack.
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Let me be straight. I am not some superman or coding genius. I am a simple human who likes to spend time building stuff.

I have collected some experience and knowledge and at the moment I have some free time. So, my idea is to provide free services for some period to anyone who needs help with the stuff I can help with.

So, I can do:
- Old software upgrades
- Build a new custom site with stack I am using everyday( Ruby On Rails, jQuery, JS, CSS, SQL)
- Build a site with admin panel, public pages, contact forms
- Do consulting for companies about these technologies
- Do lecturing or simple talk about tech stack, work, answering questions or so..
- Help beginners with directing them and helping to chose their path
- Help small business, with some upgrades or building a new site

Anyone need help with Ruby On Rails consulting, programming, or lecturing? Feel free to contact me. Lets talk and see if I can help you somehow.

Please contact me by submitting your inquiry HERE.

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Nezir Zahirovic
Ruby On Rails Full stack last 8 years.
C#, ASP.NET, JavaScript, SQL, CSS, Bootstrap 11 years.

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