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Our experienced professionals specialize in a wide range of programming languages and platforms, from web development and mobile app design to data analysis and machine learning. Whether you're looking to build a custom application from scratch, optimize your existing software, or simply need some help with a specific project, we have the skills and expertise you need. Read more
We hit a milestone of 8 million page views on Ruby On Rails BA
In conclusion, we'd like to invite all of you who are interested to support our site to connect with us. If you'd like to help us reach our next milestone even faster, we welcome you to write your own blogs, play our quizzes, and share interesting links with us. Your contributions are invaluable to us, and we're grateful for your support! Read more
Did you already tried Quiz Ruby On Rails?
We have just added a new batch of ChatGPT questions and answers to which are slightly more challenging than our previous ones. The new set includes over 60 questions with a moderate level of difficulty and offers the option to play one of three games and answer by selecting one of the three provided choices: A, B, or C. Read more
Hey, I just opened the link and I see some coding challenges for schoolboys sorry, I am too old to do this stuff.
Hey, I just opened the link and I see some coding challenges for schoolboys sorry, I am too old to do this stuff... helping multi-million worth companies to provide better services and make more profit in a few different programming languages, these days I become very stupid and I am not able to finish those riddles. Read more
I was successful in building a company worth 2 million with 0 money in my pocket. This is how I did it:
I was successful in building a company worth 2 million with 0 money in my pocket. This is how I did it: 1- first you must blah blah blah blah 2- you also should do blah blah blah 3- later you will need another blah blah blah Read more
Challenge Your Friends and Renew Your Ruby Knowledge with Our Games on
This site is a place to test your current knowledge of Ruby or Ruby on Rails technologies (for now). There are four types of games with simple questions and yes/no responses. All questions are generated by ChatGPT, as of February 2023. Read more
When a company becomes a hostage of its own employees..
I often think about the situation in which companies lose so much because they become hostages by their own workers. Read more
Sharing 2 free tickets for Ruby Global Summit 2023
Hi there, very soon we are gathering on the latest Ruby Global Summit 2023 and I have 2 free tickets for the event. So, I am sharing them with YOU. Please apply on BLOG RUBYONRAILS.BA. Thank you! Read more
You are all invited to Ruby On Rails Global Summit'23
Next year 2023, we are starting with another gathering, this time Ruby On Rails community (geekle) introducing to you a new set of talks and speakers. In two days, all participants will be able to watch a really great and interesting list of talks. If you're not sure how to start next year, being part of Ruby On Rails Global Summit'23 is a good choice! Read more
Let me tell you a secret, about Interviewing!
It can easily happen that interviewer is a person who has few years of experience and the longest part of his work at company could be doing some stupid peripheral staff on project. But in cases when seniors leave the project, so many times, companies fill that empty space with the next in a row ( person who is there longest on a project). Even if its a bad project, bad code, bad work organization, he is in charge of interviewing you and deciding if you are good enough for the company. Read more

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