Hey, I just opened the link and I see some coding challenges for schoolboys sorry, I am too old to do this stuff. 25/02/2023 ~ Views: 768
Hey, I just opened the link and I see some coding challenges for schoolboys sorry, I am too old to do this stuff.

After 18+ years doing my job, helping multi-million worth companies to provide better services and make more profit in a few different programming languages, these days I become very stupid and I am not able to finish those riddles. My brain does not work like that anymore. In my career I have had so many tasks like this and I have finished some with good and less good results and you know what I can tell you? Mostly never get the job from the company who insists in this way for approving my knowledge.

And I got many really great jobs just in 1-2 chit-chats with a few great people from companies who are so great in so many different ways. Companies who know what they need and who are able to see potential and who are not too lazy to check candidates history. Shout out to

Checking candidates in this way at some point can be fair. Companies need to make sure who they are hiring. But from what I said, I am rating this as pure laziness and a prehistoric way of doing things. Not respecting candidates at the first step of potentially great business cooperation.

I am aware there are many applications for a job, but if you as a company can not reserve 10 minutes for candidate checkup, their profile, their CV, provided links, projects and codes. But you can forward some link for some school coding riddles and expect that we all are ready to spend 60 minutes just to do first in a set of tests and calls...? What can I think about that kind of company?
nice :)

You absolutely don't respect us as potential colleagues. For you its okay that 50-100 people spend 1-2-3 hours interviewing but its a problem to reserve 10-15 minutes from your side to check the existing knowledge and work of candidates, where you can definitely see much much more than solving some riddles which we will never need in an actual job.

Sorry, I know this is not the usual response you would expect from a candidate but I really can't stand this stuff anymore and I am telling you what most of us feel, but most of us are scared and ready to beg for a job. I am not that type.

Thank you for contacting me. I am wishing you good luck in your business!

This is my last reply for an company who sent me an link for coding challenges to do before we have any regular interviews and calls. I am aware that this is not usual reply, but somebody need to do this. To make a point about wrong stuff. I am aware that many thinks similar but not brave to said anything. Let me sacrifice in the name of community and profession :D 

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