Rails GitHub Insights: Navigating the Active Pulse of Ruby on Rails
The GitHub repository for Ruby on Rails serves as the heartbeat of the framework's development. The pulse is strong, with a constant flow of pull requests and merges reflecting the active and vibrant nature of the Rails community. Read more
Analysing Trends in Programming Language Popularity on Stack Overflow 2023
In the dynamic world of programming, the popularity of languages and frameworks is a telling indicator of where the industry is heading. Stack Overflow, the bustling hub of developer activity, provides a treasure trove of data through the tags used in questions, which in turn reflects trends in the software development landscape. We examine two revealing graphs from Stack Overflow to glean insights into the trajectory of several major programming languages and frameworks: Python, JavaScript, Django, Ruby, and Ruby on Rails. Read more
10 Useful Ruby One-Liners: Examples and Descriptions
One-liners, concise lines of code that perform a specific task, are particularly popular among Ruby developers for their simplicity and efficiency. In this blog post, we will explore 10 of the most useful Ruby one-liners, complete with examples and detailed descriptions of their functionality. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced Ruby programmer, these handy code snippets are sure to enhance your productivity and make your coding journey smoother. Ruby one-liners are an excellent way to simplify your code and achieve concise solutions to various programming challenges. In this blog post, we explored 10 of the most useful Ruby one-liners, providing examples and detailed descriptions for each. By leveraging these powerful snippets, you can enhance your Ruby programming skills and boost your productivity. Remember to experiment and adapt these one-liners to suit your specific needs, and enjoy the elegance and efficiency of Ruby coding. Happy coding! Read more
The Challenges of Preparing for a JavaScript Job Interview and the Power of the "JavaScript Interview Bible 2023"
Preparing for a JavaScript job interview can be challenging due to the breadth and depth of topics that may be covered. However, with the right resources, like the "JavaScript Interview Bible 2023," the journey becomes significantly easier. By providing a comprehensive collection of questions, answers, and explanations, this e-book empowers developers to confidently approach their interviews, demonstrating their knowledge, skills, and ability to adapt to real-world JavaScript challenges. Embrace the power of preparation and leverage resources like the "JavaScript Interview Bible 2023" to unlock new opportunities and ace your JavaScript job interviews. Read more
Ruby on Rails 2023 - 0.2% -0.7% Percentage of Active Websites!
If we can use symbolically term 'Dying' for something which constantly loosing usage over the years, constantly lowering users, new product base, then we can openly say Ruby On Rails is far from his teenage period. Its definitely in his senior phase. It more looks like a healthy senior who spend lots of time in a past in sports activities like dancing or something and now in his senior ages he is not so young and so active but it still has some nice moves and charms like in beginning. Read more
My first book on Amazon! The Ruby On Rails Interview Bible 2023
Attention, Ruby on Rails enthusiasts and aspiring developers! We are thrilled to announce the release of an invaluable resource designed to catapult your programming career to new heights. Introducing "The Ruby on Rails Interview Bible 2023" - a comprehensive guide that equips you with the knowledge, strategies, and confidence to excel in Ruby on Rails interviews. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, this book is your ticket to unlocking success in the competitive world of programming. Read more
The Annoyance of Twitter Marketers: AI, ChatGPT, and the Never-ending Stream of Extensions, Suggestions and Summaries
They are all 'Turbo Folk!', using all kind of now days hypes for self promotion with so repetitive content which become so boring... we all do that sometime but this with ChatGPT extensions and list of best extensions and summaries which they did just for us, oh... so annoying! For instance, we may come across tweets like "Discover how ChatGPT can automate your customer support and increase efficiency!" or "Boost your productivity with AI-powered chatbots! ChatGPT is the future of work!" While these summaries may initially capture our attention, they quickly lose their impact due to their overuse. Read more
What type of College Degree is Necessary for using Reddit today?
This is most complicated network I have been used out there!. Whatever I try there, there is one error for everything. Trying to post simple title text and with or without link and it will just show some universal error without any clue what did you made wrong here. This can be so frustrating! Read more
Dear "Successful People,"
Dear "Successful People," I would wager that for all of your accomplishments, in addition to your smart decisions, high-quality products, excellent organization, consistency, discipline, and dedication, luck played a significant role. I want to emphasize that luck - plain LUCK - has likely been a crucial factor in your success. Luck is the factor that is often overlooked when we talk about success. We tend to give credit to people's intelligence, hard work, and determination. While these are all important factors, luck plays a significant role in determining the outcome of our efforts. Luck can work both ways - it can be good or bad, and it can change the course of our lives in an instant. Read more
Asked Google Bard about RubyOnRails.BA is a website and community for Ruby on Rails developers in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was founded in 2015 by Nezir Zahirović, a Ruby on Rails developer and contractor. The website provides resources for Ruby on Rails developers, including articles, tutorials, and a forum. It also hosts events and meetups for Ruby on Rails developers in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In addition to the website, also has a presence on social media. It has a Facebook page with over 3,000 followers and a Twitter account with over 1,000 followers. The website and social media accounts are used to share news and information about Ruby on Rails, as well as to promote events and meetups. Read more

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