Beware of Free Trial Subscription Scams: My Experience with PDFSimpli and PayPal
This is a clear example of a scam that is often perpetrated by companies using the Free Trial Subscription Model. In this case, PDFSimpli offered a low-cost trial period, hoping that the customer would forget to cancel and then charged them for a monthly subscription without their consent. While PDFSimpli's terms and conditions state that customers will be automatically enrolled in a monthly subscription, but how many of us when need some service and when we searching for the best one think about this unfair problem which we can get later? Whats the problem to sent email or two before the end of that scam trial period? Read more
Interviewing in Software Development Made Easy with Interview Bibles for Ruby, Python, JavaScript, and ReactJS
Interviewing for IT and software development positions can be a daunting task, both for the interviewer and the interviewee. For beginners, it can be overwhelming to know where to start, what questions to ask, and what skills to look for. For senior developers and recruiters, it can be a challenge to keep up with the latest technologies and trends and to assess candidates' skills accurately. That's where interview bibles for Ruby, Python, JavaScript, and ReactJS come in, providing valuable resources for interviewers and interviewees alike. Read more
The Python Interview Handbook 2023: Your Ultimate Guide to Crack Any Python Interview
If you're looking for a comprehensive guide to prepare for Python interviews, The Python Interview Handbook 2023 is the perfect resource for you. This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to excel in Python interviews, and it covers more than 500 interview questions and answers about Python, testing, deployment, machine learning, microservices, code samples, architecture, databases, algorithms, and more. Read more
Top 1000 JavaScript Interview Questions in 2023!
Imagine having 1000 interview questions and answers with explanations all in one place! Our PDF e-book contains a compilation of the best interview questions and answers in all sections related to JavaScript, including JavaScript syntax, design patterns, algorithms and data structures, testing, memory management, microservices, machine learning, concurrency, deprecated features, tools and resources, JavaScript tricks, ECMAScript, TypeScript, NPM, JavaScript jokes, and more!: Read more
Demystifying IT Job Titles: Understanding the Different Roles and Responsibilities
If you considering a career in the IT industry? With so many job titles and roles out there, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. In this blog post, we will provide an overview of common IT job titles and their explanations. Whether you are a software engineer, data scientist, or business analyst, there is a role in the IT industry that can match your skills and interests. Read more
My 19-Year Retrospective on Programming: Lessons Learned and Advice for new Generation
The Ruby on Rails Interview Bible features over 500 interview questions with short answers and explanations, while The JavaScript Interview Bible includes more than 1,000 interview questions with short, easy-to-understand answers. The React JS Interview Handbook covers all the theory and entrance-level information one needs to know for a job interview. Whether you're a junior or senior developer, an HR personnel, or any kind of interviewer, these books can provide you with invaluable interview preparation materials. Recruiters and HR personnel have found these books helpful in screening candidates for the initial interview. Read more
Building Your Way to Success: Why Side Projects are the Key to Landing Your Dream Job in Ruby on Rails or JavaScript
In today's competitive job market, getting your first job or a better job can be a daunting task. Some people believe that having deep technical knowledge of a particular language is the best way to stand out in a crowded field, while others suggest that getting certified in a specific technology will give you an edge over other candidates. However, one approach that is often overlooked is working on side projects and doing side work. In this blog post, we will explore how working on side projects and side work can help you land your first job or a better job in Ruby on Rails and JavaScript. Read more
The React JS Interview Handbook - Your Ultimate Guide to Interview Success
Are you someone who is looking for a job in the field of React JS? Or, are you an interviewer searching for the best candidate to join your React JS team? Either way, the React JS Interview Handbook is here to help you! The React JS Interview Handbook is an ultimate guide to prepare you for React JS interviews. It includes more than 120 questions with detailed answers and some code samples to help you understand the concepts better. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced React JS developer, this book is suitable for all levels. Read more
The JavaScript Interview Bible - A Comprehensive Guide with 1000+ Essential Questions and Answers!
As a JavaScript developer, you know how important it is to have a strong understanding of the language and its intricacies. And if you're looking to take your skills to the next level and land your dream job, then you need to ace your JavaScript interviews. That's where "The JavaScript Interview BIBLE" comes in. This comprehensive guide is packed with over 1000 essential questions and answers that cover everything you need to know to nail your JavaScript interviews. But that's not all – "The JavaScript Interview BIBLE" also includes code samples, JavaScript trick questions, and sections on algorithms, microservices, deprecations, syntax, concurrency, memory management, testing, popular frameworks, and even JavaScript jokes! Read more
Compete with Friends on
Another standout feature of is the knowledge battle, where members can challenge their friends to a battle of wits. Members can finish their own question sets and send them to their friends via email. After completing the quiz, members can compare their results and see who comes out on top. Read more

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