Ruby on Rails 2023 - 0.2% -0.7% Percentage of Active Websites! 20/05/2023 ~ Views: 1570
Probably I am becoming boring with this Bard / ChatGPT statistics about Ruby On Rails. What can I do. I think I am just human like everyone else. Even I know that all those tweets about 'Dying Rails' and similar are kind of click bytes, somehow I cant just look at it and not react. So, I hope this short info about current states of Ruby On Rails usage in 2023 collected from modern AI's can help many people to know a real status of technology.
(if the real number is possible to have precisely today at all).
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According to BuiltWith Trends, as of May 19, 2023, there are 661,621 live websites using Ruby on Rails. This represents approximately 0.2% of all active websites.
It is important to note that this number is constantly changing, as new websites are built with Ruby on Rails and old websites are retired. Additionally, the number of websites using Ruby on Rails may vary depending on the source.

 For example, the TIOBE index estimates that Ruby on Rails is used by 0.7% of all websites.
Overall, Ruby on Rails is a popular framework for building web applications, but it is not the most popular framework. It is important to choose the right framework for your project, based on your specific needs and requirements.

huh, joking. Rails is still the best tool out there but definitely these numbers saying that usage dropping and you can call it what ever you want...

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