I was successful in building a company worth 2 million with 0 money in my pocket. This is how I did it: 24/02/2023 ~ Views: 751
I was successful in building a company worth 2 million with 0 money in my pocket.
This is how I did it:

1- first you must blah blah blah blah
2- you also should do blah blah blah
3- later you will need another blah blah blah

And that's it.

How many times do you read bullshit like this from self calling entrepreneurs? Freshly businessmen? Startup founders?

After they make some progress somehow they all become prophets of 'how they do it' and it's not a one post about which would be reasonable to see. But, but, but. Mostly they have every day something to say how they did it and what other people should do.

Man, take it easy. 

You are making story telling from one successful story which maybe even not so successful as you're presenting it, and for one success I will show you 100 failures who did all the steps you did and mostly even smarter and with much better idea and product and implementation, but they just didn’t have enough ’luck’. 

The point here is that you can do whatever you do without a lot of ‘luck’ much bigger chances are you will fail or just make some modest progress. 

Big success statistically are not so usual, so please save your every day bullshits for yourself and your ass kissing subordinates. #success #people #money #storytelling #founders

This is what what I am thinking about the subject , but wanted to see how #chatgpt will change it, because I like my expression more I will leave both:

Here's a possible corrected version of the text:

"I was able to build a company worth 2 million dollars without any initial capital. Here's how I did it:

First, it was essential to bla bla bla bla.
Additionally, I had to do bla bla bla.
Finally, I needed to bla bla bla.
And that was the process.

It's not uncommon to come across self-proclaimed entrepreneurs, startup founders, or new business owners who constantly share their "success stories" and offer advice on how to achieve similar results. However, many of these stories may not reflect the full reality of their journey, and there are countless examples of people who followed similar steps but did not achieve the same level of success due to various factors, including luck.

While it's possible to succeed without luck, it's important to acknowledge that achieving significant success is statistically unlikely. Therefore, it's crucial to be realistic and avoid over-glamorizing one's story or advice. Constantly promoting one's success can come off as self-serving and unhelpful to others.

In summary, success stories should be shared with a dose of reality, acknowledging that success is not solely dependent on following certain steps. Instead, it's a combination of hard work, perseverance, and yes, sometimes luck. Let's avoid the daily self-promotion and focus on learning from each other's experiences without over-glorifying them."

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