What type of College Degree is Necessary for using Reddit today? 15/05/2023 ~ Views: 593
This is most complicated network I have been used out there!

Whatever I try there, there is one error for everything. Trying to post simple title text and with or without link and it will just show some universal error without any clue what did you made wrong here. This can be so frustrating!

Also, crossposting feature. Like this subreddit don’t allow images or link or whatever. Why then we dont have options there to update that post in a place? 

I am not so new here I made profile before 7 years bit never used so much probably because all of this tricks which can kill your motivation for using it.

Also, definitely cant say that I am an ignorant, I have built social networks by myself before and I have accounts on almost every top social network and still Reddit is really too complicated. At some point it looks like it is full of errors, because nobody can tell me that those universal errors cant provide more concise message?

I think there should be really great tutorial for using Reddit, if there is no any already? I didn’t check. But somehow I think this is a full of errors, because of that its not possible to make a good tutorial.

However, let me try to use it more in the next few days. After all maybe its about me and maybe Reddit really has it own logical rules not so easy for understanding it in a fast way.

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Nezir Zahirovic
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