Debunking the Myth: Ruby on Rails and the Truth about Demand for Developers 03/03/2023 ~ Views: 555
These days, it seems like people are making fun of Ruby on Rails and sharing statistics about how Ruby developers are still in demand as the most demanding staff or so. Man, this is so untrue. If it's a joke, okay. If it's a paid statistic, okay. If we really want the truth, then this is not so correct. It's so obvious to note that Ruby on Rails is far from being too much used today or in the last few years. Rails developers in demand were those with 10 years of experience and specific skills. Now, even those are not so in demand. But it's understandable, it's a tough time. I am just wondering why statistics are lying? What's the purpose? Fake impressions? Someone making a profit from this? Those book or tutorial authors? They are still trying to cover expenses in spent time for creating material?

Boys and girls, it's not true that Rails is still in big or any significant demand! All the tweets, statistics, and blogs people write lately and share are not so true. This is so obvious, but it looks like lying is cool these days, or we are desperate, so some of us must use lies?

Don't trust anyone, just go to LinkedIn and see job posts and the number of applicants, and you'll see reality. More precisely, if you need more real statistics, just publish a decent job post and wait to see how many applicants you will get very fast. That's the way you will see the truth with your eyes.

Here is just a short sample of jobs active today on LinkedIn in the section 'Ruby remote for UK and US'."

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