Addressing the Root Cause of Junior Developer Hiring Difficulties in Ruby 02/03/2023 ~ Views: 528
I've been following a Twitter thread about the challenge of hiring more junior developers in the Ruby community. While these discussions are helpful, it's important to acknowledge that the root of the problem lies in the lack of new projects in the Ruby and Ruby on Rails community. The recent layoffs at major tech companies have only compounded the industry's challenges, but even before that, the Ruby community struggled to hire junior developers due to a shortage of new projects.
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Most of the available job openings in the Ruby community are for projects that were built several years ago and may be difficult for new junior developers who have only completed courses in more recent versions of Rails. To solve this problem, we need to create more new projects and encourage businesses to use Ruby and Ruby on Rails for their new projects.
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By generating more projects, we can increase the number of hires and provide more opportunities for junior developers. Although Ruby and Ruby on Rails are great technologies, we need to take immediate action to address these issues and ensure the continued growth and success of the community.
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For hiring more juniors there is a simple formula:

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