Compete with Friends on 25/04/2023 ~ Views: 759 is an exciting and interactive website that offers a variety of quizzes and challenges for its members. With almost 200 members and 300 gameplays, the website has quickly become a popular destination for those who love to test their knowledge and compete with friends.

One of the unique features of the website is its certifications, which allow members to demonstrate their proficiency in various subject areas. The website offers three levels of hardness, which cater to different skill levels and provide a challenging and engaging experience for everyone.

Another standout feature of is the knowledge battle, where members can challenge their friends to a battle of wits. Members can finish their own question sets and send them to their friends via email. After completing the quiz, members can compare their results and see who comes out on top.

Overall, is a fantastic website for anyone who loves to test their knowledge and compete with friends. With its engaging quizzes, certifications, and knowledge battles, the website provides a fun and challenging experience for all its members.

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Nezir Zahirovic
Ruby On Rails Full stack last 8 years.
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