Its 2023 and hiring interviews are still messy. Can we as (Ruby On Rails) community make them better? 10/04/2023 ~ Views: 1431
At Interviewing
Your actual level of knowledge and experience is not so important!
Important is
What the interviewer thinks your knowledge and experience should be!

- even if you are twice the time in the industry, then your Interviewer.
 - have more live projects to show, then your Interviewer.
 - have more code to show then your Interviewer.
 - worked in much more stacks then your Interviewer.
 - worked for much better companies.
 - worked on much better projects then your Interviewer.
 - you earned a much bigger salary then your Interviewer.
 - you had a much harder career path into industry and managed to collect more experience and more impact into community then your Interviewer.

- you have a much wider and more proven experience then your Interviewer.

That’s not so important at all.  Believe me.

Here is video talk:
And, here is whole presentation for download:
Interviewing in IT 2023  by Nezir Zahirovic

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Nezir Zahirovic
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C#, ASP.NET, JavaScript, SQL, CSS, Bootstrap 11 years.

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